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Understand Your Heroes Major Strong Points

The hero powers and abilities are determined based on the hero stats, so the higher the stats are the stronger the hero will be, lets us give you a quick introduction to what are the stats and what is the most major ones that you should be considering while adding the heroes to the attacking plan, remember that all the hero powers can be upgraded and improved using the orbs that can be simply gotten from the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack, and now let’s move on to the basic stats and most important ones.

The HP: this is the health points and the higher your health points are the longer you will be able to last during the battles, remember that once these hit points reach the 0 number, this means that you are as good as dead!

MP: Mana points, and it refers to the Manna points that gets consumed one by one after each special skill you will be using, and it is not really important because you can still deal normal attacks to the opponents, but since you are using the Fire Emblem Heroes cheats then it means you have enough skills to use.

Prepare Yourself for The Worst Case Scenarios.

Sometimes the game does not go as planned, so you have to be ready and prepared to face some super powers and heroes on the enemy side as well, they are not just random people waiting for you to come there and kill them to take their goods and stuff, actually they got plans and tactics as well on their side of the game, so prepare yourself and get ready to fight them off the edge and drop them dead my friend! And with the help of Fire Emblem Heroes Hack you shall be on your way to the top of the world already without having to look back for a single time, the game has this balanced match making sometimes, so getting matched with an opponent similar to your skill level and powers is most likely to be the best case scenario, so proper yourself again and do not let anything to take you down or disturb your focus from your goals,

Get Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats and Upgrade Your Heroes Freely Without Any Restrictions.

Let’s give a quick vision over the game controls and how they work exactly, at the first glance of the battle, you will be given some amount of troops and your goal is to use them and get the best out of them during the combat time, so since this is a turn based game, you will have one turn to give orders to your troops and manage them, and once you are done watch them doing the given commands and moving in the destined positions, but once they are done the turn hand will be moved to your opponents turn, and they will start executing their plans and movements as well, so get ready and use the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack to have enough orbs which will in return enable you with purchasing the strongest heroes available on the pool.