Brawl Stars – Clash Royale & Supercell

Brawl Stars is the new masterpiece of Supercell, already creator of Royale Clash. But what is it and how to play this new sort of MOBA Mobile? Where can I find the apk? There are already tricks to win? We try to do some ‘clarity.


Move aside, Clash Royale : coming Brawl Stars Cheats . Or rather, the new game of Supercell , which promises to become another global phenomenon between apps, mobile devices, is already out in Canada and soon will come here too.

But what Brawl Stars? How to play? You can try now already in Italy, maybe hunting of ‘ apk with which to install it? What are the characters in this game? Are there any tricks to win?


Brawl Stars: a MOBA for all

Brawl Stars is a kind of mix between a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and a shooter. The game, just released on the App Store Canada June 15, 2017, is free , but as happens in most cases, you can buy upgrades and privileges in the appropriate store.

In principle, Brawl Stars Hack is a battle against 3 3 last shot, which takes place within a map from established boundaries. How Royale in Clash, even in Brawl Stars There are four different types of cards: common , rare , epic and legendary .

These cards are represented by Brawlers , that is, by the characters with whom you can fight. Currently there are 15, divided into 7 municipalities, rare 4, 2 and 2 epic legendary.

Come trovare i Brawler: le Brawl Box

The mechanism of production of the cards is also incorporated here by Royale Clash. Spending 100 Coin or 10 buds (in-game currency will discuss shortly) it is possible to buy a Brawl Box , the equivalent of Royale Clash trunks.

Not only. The Brawler can also be obtained with another type of currency, the chip , which are obtained from the ‘duplication’ possibly present in Brawl Boxing. In short, such a thing to aracane dust of Hearthstone , with which you can craft the cards.

Coin, gems, elixir and chips

As we have already mentioned, we continue the conversation talking about the four types of currency found in Brawl Stars: coin , gems , elixir and chips .

  • Coin : you use it to buy Brawl Box, containing Brawler or elixir. In the case of ‘duplicate’ (ie a Brawler already present in the collection), it receives a chip with which you can buy other Brawler.
  • Gems : you use it to buy Brawl box, other coin, alternative skins for the Brawler.
  • Elixir : found in Brawl Box and serve to increase the level of Brawler (up to a maximum of 45 elixir).
  • Chip : found in Brawl Box and serve to buy Brawler.

How to play Brawl Stars

Currently there are four game modes provided in Brawl Stars.

  • Bounty : classic elimination match where Brawler have unlimited lives. The goal is to get more deletions of the opposing team.
  • Smash & Grab : in this mode should be gathered first 10 crystals, which are located in the center of the map. But be careful: when a Brawler who collected the crystal will be able to steal them.
  • Heist : a team must defend his safe, the other must try to steal the contents.
  • Showdown : the equivalent of the Royal Rumble in wrestling. Ten brawler, one against the other, until there can be only one.

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