Injustice 2 Backdoors

There are only a very few points that we did not like in Injustice two or attracted attention distracting. Let’s start with the biggest gripe has to put up with the game: Although Injustice 2 Hack builds directly on the direct predecessor, the story is not gripping or even surprising. The various characters behave partly just too predictable and mostly easy to away from decisions that would be made in reality. Much seems illogical or arbitrary. Far too often the motto will be used to advance the story, “the end justifies the means justifies”. It should have given more turns and twists.

Everything in the story is very uninspired and unmotivated, unfortunately, in the middle. Although it is well staged, the real story remains fast in the background as we wanted to focus on fighting prefer.

There are also some minor errors: during each character has good voice actors, all texts and words are not translated. In the multiverse is very often still sees “Flash Wins” or depending on which character you chose. Even with the Super attacks, in the example here Batman, all the words are not translated.

The last point is the Injustice must be 2 liked is partially hidden menu. Just when you is to equip your character of choice with new objects, it may take longer for the point is found where older items can be sold. But once it is clear where the action is to find, it’s basically already automatically.


Injustice two best ever fighting game that was released for the current consoles this year. A cinematic staging of the story, the different modes, such as the multiverse, and of course the multiplayer, whether online or offline, provide plenty of motivation and most of all fun.

Only the story itself is sometimes very unpredictable and acts without motivation – especially towards the end of the event we often wanted something “more”. Graphics and sound could off it as more convincing, however. Rarely have we seen such good facial animation, as is the case in s Injustice second

Those who want the first part, is Injustice 2 love, but not only DC fans will be satisfied with NetherRealms latest work. Injustice of us gets a strong buy recommendation. 2



Coherently and sometimes breathtakingly staged

I have to always keep a set in mind: Injustice 2 is only a flogger. A beat-em-up. A Haudrauf game, which comes primarily to beat in one-on-one duels opponents with hands, feet, special maneuvers and Gagdets KO. But what the Netherrealm Studio around Mortal Kombat Ed Boon maestro leaves here with regard to the staging of the scenes in the story from the stack is at worst just plain “cool”, but more often fantastic. Not only does the subsequent, more or less directly to Gods Among Us Story is consistently continued. It is content and technology better staged as many attempts in recent years to lead the DC universe on film in the spheres of the Marvel movie strip.


It starts with the run Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) from the planet Krypton, which is attacked by universes Devourer Brainiac. It continues with the consequences of the events of its predecessor. There will be exciting turns, in which blur the clearly defined translucent structures of good and evil eventually. And when Brainiac Earth has chosen as the next target of its destructive action, escalate events and relationships. And all this is not only cinematic, but convincingly staged with the Unreal Engine, which would not have believed I such delicate, almost always completely believable and emotional facial expressions. And I’m not talking only 30 seconds long Einspielern being unwound between fights. Partly go the dramatic sequences over several minutes. taken together everything I would appreciate the seamlessly merging into the fighting scenes to more than two and a half hours. Two and a half hours I have looked significantly better than a lot of scenes in eg Suicide Squad or Batman vs. Superman.


Superhero fighting games with movie and game atmosphere

Was the character design in the predecessor primarily rooted in the comic origins, one moves here now closer to the film and television templates approach, which, for example Green Arrow still more reminiscent of his comic alter ego or its predecessor because of Stephen Amell from “Arrow”. Joker (who died in part 1 and here only integrated as part of a drug-induced dream) has abandoned its classic look again and has a contemporary outfit from the film versions of Heath Ledger and Jared Leto. Flash, however, is more oriented towards the television series appearance, while Harley Quinn is somewhere between the Arkham series of Rocksteady and Margot Robbie interpretation in Suicide Squad. Speaking Arkham: The English speaker from Batman and Harley are also one of the party and deliver along with all the other excellent speakers occupied a highly professional job from which only slightly loses in the German version of quality.

Game Mechanical contrast involves Injustice 2 close attention to the elements that have distinguished the previous four years ago: Fast duels with simple controls, numerous opportunities to interact with the environment and equally devastating and spectacular “Super” attacks. Just that you have gained a shovel here in every respect. The control was reduced to three basic attack buttons (weak, medium, strong) that can be assembled in variation and together with the directional inputs and possibly longer, continues to nasty combos. With B and the circle button again figure specific promotions can be started. In Superman example, it is a temporary buff. They may be as well to further attack patterns (Supergirl, Harley Quinn) or defensive action (Wonder Woman). As an alternative to the upper shoulder buttons you can reach both the throws and the environment interactions over the two simultaneously pressed keys attack. Say: With a minimum of effort can give rise to a maximum of on-screen action.

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