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Get Prepared for The Most Mysterious Journey By Choices Stories You Play

Going on a plane with your friends in company is so much fun, but the mysterious part is when you start having weird dreams, at this point, you would realize that this journey and trip is going to be hell and have many weird actions happening around, so we would recommend you to get equipped with the Choices Stories You Play Hack, so you would have no single problem with the Diamonds and keys lack.

Weird Visions, Comes and Goes.

As you are on your way to face your destiny and fate, you will get to see visions in your dream on the way there, they are weird and scary for anyone, and the guys you have seen in your dream just coming up at your face once you woke up. It is like everything was real and that was not a dream by any meaning, but as you are speaking to other people, you should be aware that what is coming out of your mouth affects your relationships with everyone you meet, so consider being smart with your replays to other people you meeting in this game, or start getting the Choices Stories You Play Cheats to be able to have enough diamonds and keys, which in return are going to allow you to have infinite numbers of options during the playable scenes, since some choices at the game will have to cost you some diamonds, and these choices are going to enable some extra opportunities to meet new people, and impress some gals around the corner here.

With Choices Stories You Play Hack, You Should Be Fine Fixing All Your Issues.

The icon next to a character`s name shows how they feel about you, for now. Over time, their behavior toward you will change! Either they will star loving and caring about you or they would just get turned off from the presence of your character, remember this is a long term story, not just a chapter and bye game. And let’s give you a brief about the colors and how they reflect the current emotion at the moment.

Red: this color reflects that the person is actually angry and mad at you, or something you have said or done has pissed him off, so you better try to fix things as fast as possible before it gets way out of your hand at such a situation, unless you get to find this is what you expected.

Blue: it means that they are actually in love with you and impressed, the color can vary from its degree, it doesn’t have to mean to be dark very dark blue, so it keeps changing depending on the situation that it has on.

Orange: it means that he is actually pissed but he is not extreme mad or angry, that could be also an impression sign, such a feeling can be used as a double edged weapon, to make someone fall in love with you, or actually hate you forever.

Dark: means that the person is no longer impressed, and he is actually disappointed.